Over the past years Beira port has become the most agile gateway to serve the Central Mozambique, Malawi, Zambia, Eastern DRC and Zimbabwe markets. Beira logistics corridor has persisted in becoming the alternative for cost effective, fast and reliable transportation. After dredging the channel and huge infrastructural investments Beira must be considered as an alternative to Durban and Dar Es Salaam for shippers who need a fast, cost effective and no headache logistics solution in this part of the world to avoid congestion, escalating costs and unpredictability of nearby alternatives.

Distance in Kilometers:

  • Harare, Zimbabwe - Beira: 559 | Durban: 1,711 | Dar es Salaam: 2,634
  • Bulawayo, Zimbabwe - Beira: 726 | Durban: 1,454 | Dar es Salaam: 3,028
  • Lusaka, Zambia - Beira: 1,054 | Durban: 2,380 | Dar es Salaam: 1,985
  • Kitwe, Zambia - Beira: 1,370 | Durban: 2,707 | Dar es Salaam: 1,951
  • Lubumbashi, DRC - Beira: 1,600 | Durban: 2,611 | Dar es Salaam: 2,290
  • Blantyre, Malawi - Beira: 812 |  Durban: 2,323 | Dar es Salaam: 2,031
  • Lilongwe, Malawi - Beira: 950 | Durban: 2,678 | Dar es Salaam: 1,667



In Mozambique and Malawi, the load limit per tri-axle trailer is 30MT. Zambia and Zimbabwe do not weigh the total cargo weight, but use a per axle formula to determine whether a truck has been over loaded. More information is available from the transport ministries of the respective countries.

For most commodities you will require a Bill of Lading, Commercial Invoice and a Packing List to allow transit clearance through the various countries. Some commodities may also require a certificate of origin.

Mozaza Logistics charges only for the transport. All other charges are determined by the shipping lines and/or their respective agents at the origin and destination. Please contact the respective shipping lines directly.

Yes, our sub-contractors have dedicated departments to deal with customs clearance supporting our trucking division. Please contact us with your detailed enquiry and we will provide you with a quotation.

All our sub-contractors trucks’ are fitted with state of the art satellite tracking, independent of cell phone networks. We also believe on proactive and constant communication. If required we will provide you with daily tracking updates on your consignment.

Geographically, Beira is the preferred route for transport of cargo to Zambia, Zimbabwe, and Eastern DRC. It is thus no surprise that transit times will be shorter than using a transport option via Durban. Our transit times are estimated. There are various factors contributing to total transit time, such as border delays, weighbridge congestions, release from port or other 3rd Party controlled areas. As a rule of thumb the following:
Beira to Lilongwe : 3-4 days
Beira to Blantyre : 3-4 days
Beira to Harare : 3-4 days
Beira to Lusaka : +- 5 days
Beira to Copperbelt : +- 6 days
The above is the travelling time, and does not include the time taken by the consignee for final clearance and payment of relevant duties and taxes.