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Mozaza Logistics

Mozaza Logistics was set up in 2013 to provide cross-border transportation and logistics services to international companies and clients throughout South East Africa.The Company, in conjunction with its well-renowned and reputable sub-contractors, provides professional, cost-efficient and reliable transportation and logistics services.

We offer a centralised solution with state of the art facilities across the region. The services offered range from Transportation, Warehousing & Storage Services, including Electronic Data Interchange, Stripping & Stuffing, Container Storage, Fumigation, handling of Dangerous Goods as well as Specialized Transport such as Out of Gauge Transport, Fuel Tanker Transport, Tipper Hire.

Mozaza Logistics endeavours to be a leader in the African continent and align ourselves with the business principles that Mauritius provides. As a well-established jurisdiction, Mauritius is well positioned and has earned the trust of global investors in ensuring financial regulation, stability and transparency. We strive to continually keep up with global trends of compliance and business principles and ethics.


We provide Transport and Logistics Brokerage services to and from Zimbabwe, Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia, South Africa and Eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.


Our mission is to provide a one stop shop with high quality services for all transport and logistics within the South East Africa Region.
We ensure that all our sub-contractors are compliant with legislation, have the required licences and permits, conduct regular audits to maintain high Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards and are compliant with international Anti-Corruption norms. 

All our subcontractor's trucks are fitted with state of the art 24 hour Satellite Tracking. This provides us with the control and you with the visibility at all times.

We are committed and dedicated to the success of our Customers, Partners and Employees.

We pride ourselves on our high ethical standards, integrity, reliability, proactive and open communication. We aim to build strong and mutually beneficial relationships.


Mozaza Logistics works with transport and logistics providers with high ethical standards to provide high quality services to our Customers. Through experience, development and innovation we strive to deliver a superior service, and in partnership with our customers continue to expand our scope and reach to ensure sustained profitable growth.


Jean Michel Leve Hang - Director

Jean Michel Leve Hang is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales. He started his career as an Auditor in England and France. He then exercised as Head of Finance for some 20 years in the Media, Tourism and Agricultural sectors in Mauritius and Africa. He joined Mozaza Logistics in November 2014.

Vishnou Coolen - Accountant

Vishnou is a member of the Association of Accounting Technician (Australia). He has more than 10 years’ experience having worked in different industry including retail, Food Manufacturing and Distribution, Advertising and Textile, in Mauritius, Madagascar and Australia. He joined Mozaza Logistics in Feb 2015.

Our Partners

Mozaza has partners throughout South Eastern Africa- Mauritius, South Africa, etc

How we conduct Business

  • Conduct our business responsibly and promote ethical and transparent business practices
  • Respect the Constitution and Laws of Mauritius.
  • Uphold the fundamental principles of human rights.
  • Respect the legitimate interests of our suppliers, contractors, partners and any other stakeholders of the business.
  • Remain dedicated to good corporate governance.


  1. We are committed to the principles of mutual fairness, respect and trust, and believe that all those involved in our workplace should contribute to the positive performance of the company and to the protection and enhancement of its’ reputation.
  2. We believe that the key to nurturing strong relationships is good communication. Therefore we promote open channels of communication with all stakeholders.
  3. The recruitment, employment, and promotion of employees’ are undertaken on the basis of qualifications and abilities necessary for the respective position.
  4. Our employees have the right to working conditions that are safe and which do not endanger their health.
  5. We do not promote the use of, nor do we use coerced or child labour, in line with guidelines and recommendations of ILO and the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (UK).
  6. We respect our employees’ individual rights and dignity, and in accordance with the Laws of Mauritius, accord them the right to free association.


We are committed to respecting the financial and legal requirements established under Mauritian law and Therefore:

  1. Adhere to the rules and regulations for Tax in Mauritius including VAT, Corporate Income Tax, Personal Income Tax, etc.
  2. Import our goods using the correct legal channels and pay duties and obligations as required.
  3. Respect intellectual property rights.
  4. Provide consistent quality of products or services.
  5. Provide accurately described, labelled and advertised goods and services.
  6. Respect the rights of our clients and our shareholders.

The Community

  1. We are committed to functioning as good corporate citizens, to fulfilling our responsibilities and to operating as an integral part of the societies and communities in which we operate.
  2. We cooperate with the Government through business and other associations to promote the development of legislation and regulations with an aim to have a positive effect on legitimate business interests of the societies and communities in which we operate.
  3. We believe that our professional relationships with clients, suppliers and partners should be mutually beneficial. Those with whom we develop such relationships are expected to operate according to business principles, which coincide with those of Mozaza Logistics.

The Environment

  1. We are committed to making the necessary improvements in our environmental management in the interest of developing environmentally sustainable business practices.


  1. We are committed to conducting our business based on the principles of fair competition.
  2. We are committed to the development of legislation, which promotes or permits fair and vigorous competition.
  3. We respect the right and support the National Government’s initiatives to develop key national industries through transparent trade policy instruments.
  4. We   are   committed   to   anti-­‐bribery   and   anti-­‐corruption   practices   including;   the   use   of   bribes,   improper payments, commissions or any other gift which may result in this company or any individual in this company obtaining an improper advantage.
  5. We expect our employees to avoid any personal activity or financial interest, which could conflict with their responsibilities to the company.
  6. Our employees must not seek gain for themselves or others by misusing their position.